About us

We’re creatives who want to make the world better for other creatives; and we think we’ve found a way to do that…

Who Are We?

We’re a team of lovable geeks consisting of a UX designer, marketing manager, copywriter, illustrator, a web designer and two social media specialists!

Amongst ourselves we’ve experienced it all, and reckon that comes through in make it pop’s cards!

The Up & Comer

Recognised in the UK as an emerging powertool for designers, make it pop has gained notoriety in Net Magazine’s Side Project of the Month, presented at Dibi 2017, and Critiq3 in only the first three months of its founding.

make it pop is based in Newcastle, Durham and Novi Sad. Founded in 2017, make it pop is making its rounds to Uni’s and Art Colleges to challenge design students.

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Do you have any questions for us?

Or are you a teacher or student of the design and are interested in trying out make it pop in a workshop, please send us an email at heybuddy@makeitpop.com.

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Sorry, grandr is the result of a make it pop creative challange!

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